Thursday, December 14, 2017

US suports election fraud in Honduras

The LA Times is reporting that "In what critics call a weakening of U.S. support for democracy in Latin America, the Trump administration appears to be prioritizing concerns about illegal immigration and drug trafficking from Honduras over the country’s violent and flawed election process." The CIA and MI6 overthrew democracy in Iran during Operation Ajax.

In this case the rationalization for the lie has been to confront drug trafficking. The CIA has told Donald Trump that the opposition suports drug trafficking while the corrupt president who refused to step down does not. That is a bold faced lie just like the Hillary Clinton sponsored coup in Honduras back in 2009. This lie is nonpartisan.

The CIA have been actively involved in the Honduran drug trade since Iran Contra. If Donald Trump wants to reduce drug trafficking he needs to pull the CIA out of Honduras and put in the DEA. During the whole Narcos netflix series it became clear that every time the DEA tried to bust Pablo Escobar, the CIA prevented them until they finally ditched Pablo Escobar and started using the Cali Cartel instead of the Medellin cartel.

This is how the CIA created the Communist revolution in Cuba by supporting the corrupt Batista government. The people in Honduras have been protesting against Juan Orlando Hernández's corruption since 2015 when it became known he was taking money from hospitals and medicine to use for his own political purposes. He even went so far as to replace medicine with flour pill placebos. Teachers go unpaid as American aid is getting pocketed by corrupt politicians.

Honduras held a democratic election and the challenger won. Right before the vote counting was final they stopped the live coverage of the vote counting and said the military was going to bring in the remaining ballots from the rural areas and bring them to a central location to be counted by the corrupt president's supporters. Huge discrepancies were reported and the results mysteriously changed. Now Donald Trump says confronting illegal immigration and drug trafficking in Honduras is more important than supporting democracy which is the root of the lie that the Hillary Clinton backed CIA has told him.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, look at the absurd coverage this fraud is getting in Communist China. It is true that the people have been protesting against the election fraud tied to Juan Orlando Hernández. The Communist paper spins it into a struggle between the bourgeoisie and the workers. Their conclusion is "For the working people of Honduras, there is only one solution: break with capitalism and build a new society for all, a socialist society. Down with JOH and imperialism!" WRONG! That would be like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

There is no civl liberty in Communism. There are no human rights in Communism. There is no religious freedom in Communism. There certainly is no democracy in Communism. Once a Communist dictatorship has been implemented no other political parties are allowed to exist. That is not a democracy. Communism and Imperialism are no different. They are both the same. They are both built on greed where the government has power over the people instead of giving the people power over the government like in a free republic.

If you want to protest election fraud in Honduras use a Honduran flag not a Communist flag. Communism and the CIA are both bad because they go hand in hand one with the other.

God Bless Honduras and God damn the CIA.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Abbotsford fentanyl fatalities prompt charges

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Abbotsford police have seized a massive quantity of drugs and cash in an investigation that was launched in October after the deaths of five people within 10 hours of suspected overdoses. On Oct. 27, the five, between the ages of 40 and 67, were found dead inside their Abbotsford homes. Police launched a probe into high-level traffickers in the area who provide fentanyl and other drugs to local dealers."

"On Nov. 23, police raided a home, several storage lockers and three cars. The searches yielded $46,000 in cash, plus weapons, drugs and other materials related to drug trafficking. About two kilograms of drugs were seized, included fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and MDMA, and six kilograms of materials used for the production of methamphetamine and MDMA. Lab results later showed traces of carfentanil in some of the drugs seized and that some of the cocaine had also been contaminated with fentanyl."

“These arrests will have a significant impact on the drug trade in our downtown core,” said Insp. Tom Chesley. “The presence of fentanyl and carfentanil in drugs is a clear indication that drug dealers have no regard for human life, and that they are only concerned with making a profit.”

This is what the police are suposed to do. If people die from fentanyl, the police need to arrest the people that sold the fentanyl. It's not rocket science. Compare that to Surrey. Surrey is doing the exact opposite. Instead of arresting the drug dealers selling fentanyl on the Surrey strip, they are providing them police protection to sell drugs. It can't get any more corrupt than that.

In September of this year the Peace Arch News reported that "Delta Police have charged 21-year-old Delta resident Daniel Chesshire in connection to nine overdoses in South Delta last year." If Delta and Abbotsford can do it, why can't Surrey?

July 2016 there was a fentanyl fatality at Shakerz in Surrey. Not only did the police not arrest the drug dealers that sold her the fentanyl under false pretenses, they didn't even name her or the bar she OD in. Her name was Leanne Yardley. She was a wonderful mother who cherished her children and a nurse just out for a break. She did a line of cocaine at Shakerz and it turned out to be straight fentanyl not cocaine. No arrests were made.

Shakerz is the drug trafficking hub that loads the Surrey Strip with fentanyl. The police know that and simply don't care. Drug and gang enforcement in Surrey is a complete fraud.

Surrey RCMP bust pot shop but roll out the red carper for crack and fentanyl dealers

Montreal Police crack down on fentanyl, Vancouver Police promote it

Christmas gun sales

In case you missed the famous December gun sale in Surrey all is not lost. There are still plenty of deals to be had and Wholesale Sports in Langley has tons of ammo and firearms on sale as they are going out of business. Too bad. They were a great outlet. They don't have much left in the way of handguns but they have tons of ammo and long guns. They even have a pump action shotgun with a drum clip for 700 bucks. Now that's what I'm talking about. Merry Christmas yo.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Prosecutors to appeal the stay on Jamie Bacon’s charges

Global is reporting that "The BC Prosecution Service (BCPS) will appeal a B.C. Supreme Court decision to stay first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges against gangster Jamie Bacon in connection with the Surrey Six murders, which happened in 2007." Thank God. That appeal must be heard and they bloody well better get on with the trial if it succeeds.

Porky Pig isn't out of the pig pen yet. Kim Bolan is reporting that the hearing that decided to stay the murder charges against Jamie Bacon was in camera. That is insane. Secret meetings that crush natural justice shrouded by publication bans are all illegal. This isn't Nazi Germany. We aren't living behind the Iron Curtain even though the courts appears to think we are.

The Charter of Rights is the highest law of this land. If the government or the courts make a decision that violates the Charter of Rights, that decision is illegal. I do believe in the supremacy of God and the rule of law. It is the total disregard for the law and for justice that we see coming from the bench that I take offense to.

Becoming learned in the law is not a matter of memorizing books of diluted jurisprudence that waters down justice into meaningless. That is not the intent of the law. Natural justice is a founding principle of law. Abandoning justice mocks the law it does not uphold it.

It is not Eilleen Mohan's fault Jamie Bacon's trial has been delayed so long. If the police make a mistake you can punish the police but to punish the victims is offensive to justice. That is why the public's confidence in the BC judicial system has been shattered.

CTV is reporting that "B.C. Premier John Horgan says a court decision to stay charges against a man accused in one of the most infamous gangland killings in the province's history could compromise public trust in the justice system. That is absolutely true. It already has.

BC NDP decide to proceed with the Site C Dam

John Horgan announced on Twitter that the NDP Government has decided to proceed with the Site C Dam. Can we al least get rid of SNC-Lavalin and get it on budget so we stop their perpetual tax fraud? SNC-Lavalin is the root of the problem.

Mike Smyth reported that "It was Clark who solemnly vowed - at the memorial service for the late former premier Bill Bennett, no less - to push the Site C dam past the point of no return. And that’s exactly what she did. Horgan was forced to admit Clark had cooked an omelette he simply couldn’t unscramble." IE it would cost too much to cancel it.

Ray Roch wrote into the Vancouver Province and said cancelling the site C Dam is no longer feasible. It would cost $4 billion to cancel it. For the same money it could be completed. At least once it's completed you have something to show for it that makes money for the province.

Hydroelectric power is a lot better than nuclear reactors. The primary concern is the massive over budget costs. Once again SNC-Lavalin is the root of the problem.

Keep SNC-Lavalin out of Surrey

What the provincial government needs to do it is confront the BC Hydro fraud that is creating a tsunami of deferred debt because Independent Power Producers sell power to the public company at above market rates. We need to get rid of the IPPs and contract that work back in to the public company so tax payers don't get ripped off billions of dollars ever year. That's what Norm Farrell's new campaign is all about.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Shattered confidence in the BC justice system

The Vancouver sun is reporting that "The B.C. Court of Appeal has dismissed a bid by former notary Rashida Samji to throw out her criminal conviction for fraud relating to a $110-million Ponzi scheme that resulted in a six-year sentence."

"The appeal court concluded that a stay under the Charter of Rights was not warranted either, as Samji had not answered to society at large for her conduct, and a stay would likely cause the public to lose confidence in the integrity of the justice system.” Now that is interesting.

A stay in Jamie Bacon's charges has indeed caused the public to lose all confidence in the integrity of the BC justice system. However, normally the court doesn't care about public opinion. The court has traditionally seen itself better than the public and beyond reproach. They claim the court is there to interpret the law and the public is not learned in the law like they are so the public is stupid and the court has no need to explain itself to the public. As a result there is zero public accountability in the BC justice system which has been the subject of many signs, t-shirts, billboards and protests over the years.

I wouldn't say that this recent decision is president making but it is a breath of fresh air. When I first started this blog people said I was not allowed to criticize judges who made bad decisions. I disagreed and cited former judge Wallace Craig who said not only is it the public's right to criticize bad judicial decisions, it is a moral duty.

I have indeed tested the waters so to speak on the Internet, outside courthouses and within the court of public opinion. Neil Hall's Book The Hells Angels and the Million Dollar Rat ran a picture I made of Peter Leask with bugs bunny ears on a Looney tune background wherein he stated that the author of the Gangsters out blog believes Peter Leask should be hanged for treason. I do. He was a lunatic and the fact that we had to wait for him to age out and face mandatory retirement at the age of 70 was a crime against humanity.

Peter Leask is gone but now we are left picking up the pieces of the public's shattered confidence after the murder charges against Jamie Bacon were stayed when he was the one that orchestrated the hit. I realize that the trial delays in that case were significant and that the police and the crown are primarily to blame for obsessing with covering up the police misconduct in that case. However, excessive trial delays display a recurring problem within the courts. We can only hope that Jamie Bacon will be convicted in Eileen Mohans wrongful death suit like OJ was. Are the red and white still going to support him then? Let's hope not. I doubt they'll want to pay those costs and damages.

Global reported that "The reasons for issuing the stay of proceedings have been sealed and must remain so, Madam Justice K.M. Ker wrote in her ruling." Yeah? Why? Who is she covering for? Herself or the police? Perhaps both. Although trial delays in that case were indeed excessive, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to maintain a publication ban on the reasons for her decision. None whatsoever. The purpose of publication bans is to ensure the accused gets a fair trial. To my knowledge, the stay of charges is final. There is no appeal process for the staying of charges. That means the publication ban on the reasons for the stay is over. To state otherwise is a criminal act and a gross violation of the Charter of Rights.

If the court does in fact give a rats ass about the public's confidence in the justice system, then it must obey the law it is paid with tax dollars to uphold and not break the law by hiding things from the public who pay their wages and elect the governments that make the laws the courts are paid to enforce. The publication ban on the reasons for Jamie Bacon's stay must be challenged because it is wrong, wrong, wrong.

This Iron Curtain effect brings us back to the beginning of the Jamie Bacon trial in New Westminster. Back in March 2013 part of the Jamie Bacon trial was held in camera. That means no public or press was allowed in. That was absurd. When the court issues a publication ban they are always time sensitive. When the trial is over the publication ban expires.

The only publication bans that don't expire are ones that protect the identity of witnesses or victims. All other evidence may be published. That is why the public and the press are allowed in when a publication ban is in effect. So they know what they can report on when the ban has been lifted. In camera trials are dodgy as F*ck. While I was standing outside the courthouse with a sign objecting to the secret trial I was told it was the prosecution that asked for the hearing to be in camera not the defense. They were obviously covering up the police misconduct.

The continued publication ban on the reasons for the stay in Jamie Bacon's charges is illegal and must be challenged in court. If the court cares about the public's confidence in the integrity of the justice system, then that publication ban must be lifted. It's that simple.

Prosecutors to appeal the stay on Jamie Bacon’s charges

Christmas Epiphany - Greed

There was an interesting article in the paper recently about how $7.5 million laundered through a BC Casino ended up in China. Ties to organized crime is something we normally associate with Capitalism but evidently corruption goes both ways. The Communist politicians in China are the richest in the world. That shows you that Communism is a lie. It was funded by the Rothschilds and big corporations. It has nothing to do with social justice. It is all about greed.

However, greed is the universal sin that infects every person, religion, trade union and political party under the sun. The reason the Communist Manifesto is so flawed is that its founding premise is false making it's method of operation a fraud. My father always used to say that Communism works in theory but doesn't work in practice. That's because it's based on lies.

You cannot establish peace by eliminating civil liberty because where there is no justice, there is no peace. You cannot establish peace by eliminating individual rights because once you eliminate individual rights, there are no collective rights.

North Korea calls itself the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. That name is a lie because there is absolutely no democracy in North Korea. None whatsoever.

The Communist Manifesto gives the government power over the people and establishes a dictatorship. The Constitution gives the people power over the government and establishes a free republic that protects civil liberty and human rights. There are no human rights in Communism.

The Communist Manifesto claims that the history of all conflict boils down to a class struggle. Eliminate the classes and differences between people and you eliminate the conflict and establish world peace. Wrong. The history of all conflict isn't the result of class struggle it's the result of greed. There's a difference. One group wants to have power over another group so it can enslave and exploit them. It all boils down to people who don't want to work but want it all.

Adam was told by the sweat of thy brow thou shalt labour all the days of thy life and in this life ye shall have joy. The ability to work is a blessing that came as the result of the fall. Without work, there is no joy. Hard work is the means of all accomplishment. We must work to accomplish any goal in life. People fall for get rich quick schemes because they want it all without having to work for it. They want to be able to sit on their ass and have other people do all the work for them.

I told everyone I wasn't celebrating Christmas this year and I meant it. No, I haven't become Jehovah's Witness. I believe voting in elections is a moral duty and it's the devil that wants all the good people to boycott elections so he can do whatever he wants. I'm just sick of all the noise and want to enjoy the sound of silence this year. I also want to catch up on bills.

I used to know a German family that would make their own Christmas gifts. I have to admit hand knitted socks and scarves are the warmest thing around in winter. It's all the greed my brain can't process. There's a commercial on TV about two women fighting over the prestige of having bought the best or most expensive gift. That is totally messed up. Unfortunately, it's nothing new. Those are the wrong kind of Christmas traditions to develop. It misses the whole point.

Christmas is for kids. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing a child's face light up when you found the perfect gift. A small toy they really enjoy. Childhood is fleeting and goes way too fast. Take lots of pictures and enjoy it while you can. Just remember there's a lot more to Christmas than meets the eye. Tal Zentmeyer on Christmas Peace. Bring it.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Peak of Inverson

Ski season has begun. Over a meter of snow at the base and over a meter and a half at the summit. That's a nice start. I rode my motorcycle up mount Seymour yesterday and dusted off the crampons heading up to the back country. Inversion has been building all week. Inversion is when it's warmer in the mountains than down in the city. The fog rolls in the city and up in the mountains you are above the clouds. You can see clouds covering the water from Vancouver all the way to Vancouver Island. People were even digging in and staying overnight.

Today is a special day for me. I can't tell you why but it does kind of feel like a scene from Fiddler on the Roof. The kids are getting older and I'm getting older too. Simon and Garfunkel said that's not unusual. I'm obviously humbled by my experiences but I am also filled with gratitude at the same time. Despite the struggles and frustrations of the moment it is a good life so it is and as Louis Armstrong pointed out it still is a wonderful world if you know where to look. Peace.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Infrastructure expert gives Surrey LRT poor score

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that a research paper put out by the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy authored by Mario Iacobacci, who holds a PhD in Economics from Cambridge University states that the city is not on the right track when it comes to light rail.

Botox Betty says the report sounds biased. It is. The report is biased against stupidity. This person is an infrastructure expert. However, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that reverting 104th avenue to a single lane of traffic each way and putting an on ground railway don the middle will me an infrastructure nightmare. Aside from traffic congestion how is someone going to make a left turn with no turning lanes and an on ground rapid train running up and down the middle of the road. They aren't. That would be to dangerous. LOCAL BUSINESSES will suffer.

University report on Surrey’s LRT plan favours SkyTrain

"Iacobacci looked at all public transit investments of $500 million or more in Greater Toronto, Greater Montreal and Metro Vancouver. Of major projects in the latter, he argued, the Canada Line and Millennium Line Evergreen Extension show significant value creation whereas the first phase of the Surrey LRT is expected to destroy value, although this may turn out more positively depending on the option selected for Phase 2. Phase 2 could restore the overall project to net positive value creation if it is delivered as an extension of the existing SkyTrain service rather than as an LRT.” People who drive cars prefer Skytrain because Skytrin does not imprede traffic.

I have already exposed the Hawthorne Park Insider Trading Fraud. The Surrey LRT fraud is tied to it. SNC Lavalin has a horrible reputation for underbidding and over charging government contracts. The have a long history of money laundering and fraud and are due in court on yet another fraud charge in 2018. SNC Lavalin builds LRT and contributes to the Federal Liberals and Conservatives both. That's a tax paid kickback to the dirty politicians that write them blank cheques fro tax dollars.

The provincial NDP could save Surrey from this infrastructure nightmare simply by revoking funding and approval for it until Surrey can hold another election to get rid of Linda Hepner once and for all. Cramming the project through before that time would be a criminal act.

Canada delays fighter jet purchase

One step forward, three steps back. The Globe and Mail is reporting that "Canada is scrapping a plan to buy 18 Boeing Co Super Hornet fighter jets amid a deepening dispute with the U.S. aerospace company, three sources familiar with the matter said on Tuesday. Instead, the Liberal government will announce next week it intends to acquire a used fleet of older Australia F-18 jets, the same kind of plane Canada currently operates, said the sources, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the situation."

OK so this isn't an official announcement, it's just an internal leak. We all know Lockheed Martin is bad. They continuously scam tax dollars by under bidding and over charging contacts. Lockheed Martin's F-18's are a horrible investment. Stopping that calamity is wise. However, getting all bent out of shape over this trade dispute with Boeing and Bombardier is also insane. If anything Boeing should take over Bombardier. That way it would finally start making money instead of burning tax dollars through corporate mismanagement.

Trudeau wants Boeing to drop it's lawsuit against Bombardier. Instead, Trudeau should be dropping Bombardier and lobbying Boeing to take it over. Instead of moving forward with Boeing the Trudeau government is seriously considering buying 40 year old F-18s from Australia because they are so similar to Canada's CF-18. That's because they're both old and need to be replaced. The thing is, Australia's old F-18s are still made by Boeing.

Buying old jets made by Boeing is better than buying new overpriced jets that don't work by Lockheed Martin but it certainly isn't as good as buying new jets from Boeing. Australia just bought 24 Super Hornets as an interim fleet so we are buying Australia's old fleet. "Boeing says its commercial and defense operations in Canada support more than 17,000 Canadian jobs." Exactly. Not only is Boeing a much more stable and profitable company than Lockheed Martin, but they also create jobs in Canada. Good jobs.

Boeing has responded to the rumor by stating that “We have read reports that the Government of Canada is choosing to purchase used F/A-18 Classic Hornets from the Royal Australian Air Force in lieu of new Super Hornet fighter jets. The Boeing Company respects the Canadian government’s decision and applauds the government’s continued use of a two engine fighter solution, which is a critical part of their northern Arctic border defense, NORAD cooperation, and coast to coast to coast security."

Boeing's old jets work in the Canadian arctic. Lockheed Martin's new jets don't. Boeing goes on to say "Although we will not have the opportunity to grow our supply base, industrial partnerships and jobs in Canada the way we would if Canada purchased new Super Hornets, we will continue to look to find productive ways to work together in the future. Boeing is fortunate to have an outstanding 100 years of partnership with Canada, which had culminated in our $4B annual economic impact in Canada, and we look forward to partnering for the next 100 years." Boeing is stable. They have a legitimate concern with Bombardier and should take over that embattled company once and for all. We need to see that for what it is.

Bombardier manager goes to jail for defrauding company to fund lavish lifestyle

Bombardier culture at heart of bribery case just like Lockheed Martin and SNC-Lavalin.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Jamie Bacon's Girlfriend dies of a drug overdose

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that Jamie's Bacon's girlfriend from Kelowna died of a drug overdose while in Vancouver preparing to attend Jamie's trial. The first question we have to ask is which girlfriend? Was this the one that had an affair with a married IHIT investigator? Apparently not. Her mother claimed she was in love with and faithful to Jamie. Now that truly is tragic.

First things first. You have to stop using the term notorious and Jamie Bacon in the same sentence. That is ridiculous. Jamie Bacon is and always was a complete idiot. He was not from Surrey. He was from the suburbs out in Abbotsford. Look at his picture. The guy is a complete idiot. He couldn't even go to the gym without getting beat up. He had to hide behind Anthon. Spike hated Jamie. Spike just saw Jamie as an easy mark to tax. If it wasn't for the 24 hour police protection those clowns received he would have been dead a long time ago.

I hesitate to even mention this case because it really isn't newsworthy. Jamie Bacon just doesn't matter. This poor girl who loved him and was loyal to him was completely brain dead. I'm sorry, I dont want to be mean but that kind of stupidity just isn't pretty. Her mother is just as bad as Jamie's father. Parents glorifying the gang life are just plain irresponsible.

However, Kim slipped out one fact that makes this case very newsworthy indeed. Kim stated that Jamie's girlfriend was a drug dealer that had conflicts with some of Jamie Bacon's rivals. We know that Jamie Bacon ended up selling drugs for the Hells Angels so his girlfriend obviously did as well. So Jamie's rivals would then be HA rivals seeing how Jamie is a mindless puppet on a string being taxed by the red and white. The HAs use guys like Jamie to sell drugs because they are so useless they'd never be able to make it on their own. That's why they don't have to worry about them crossing over and working for the other side.

Kim stated one of those rivals was the recent weapons bust at a Langley farmhouse. That confirms my original suspicion. The police seized all those guns from a Hells Angels rival. Gang enforcement in BC is completely compromised. They no longer go after Hells Angels. They just go after HA rivals. IHIT sleeping with the black widow shows nothing has changed.

I will also note that the police videotaping a strip search of Jamie Bacon's girlfriend shows once again how demented the teletubbies really are. Just like that married IHIT cop who wanted to sleep with Jamie's ex. You want to touch something he touched? You want to share STDs with a piece of garbage like Jamie Bacon? You are both worthless and hopeless. That kind of self esteem problem is something for Dr Phil to straighten out.

One thing is certain and that's Eddie Narong was right. Jamie Bacon is dead. He's freaking brain dead. Who's going to protect him now? Anthon is in prison. His preppy brother is dead. Oh don't worry, Larry Amero will protect him. Just like he protected Jamie's dead preppy brother. Just like he protected Randy Naicker. The question is, who's going to protect Larry? The truth is, none of the HAs ever liked Jamie. They put up with him because his dead preppy brother was friends with Larry Amero. Now that they're out of the picture Jamie Bacon is going to need more than a bullet proof vest to save his ass. Pumpkin pie doesn't make you bullet proof clown.

Donald Trump moves American Embassy to Jerusalem

The breaking news is that Donald Trump announces his decision to move the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. No offense but who cares? I mean really. The thing that has everyone freaked out is his declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Once again who cares? Donald Trump is the president of the United States not Israel. He doesn't have the authority to change the capital of any other nation. That decision would be up to Israel.

Nevertheless, people are freaking out left, right and centre which once again proves that Israel and Palestine is full of lunatics and that Jerusalem is no longer holy. Violent protesters have clashed with soldiers and Gaza's firing rockets into Israel has been met with Israeli airstrikes.

Nickolay Mladenov called on all parties to engage in "constructive dialogue" and "reign in radical elements". First let me say that the people who live in Gaza are crazy and confrontational. As soon as Israel pulled out to give them more autonomy they started firing rockets into Israel at will. I will also say that Israel using white phosphorus on Gaza was excessive.

As I have said before, Palestinians are not the original inhabitants of Gaza. The Philistines were. They were conquered and swept away by Ramses, king of Egypt. Yet I am of the understanding that Israel has been heavy handed in dealing with Gaze with regards to cutting off their electricity. However, that appears to be due to a request from the Palestinian Authority. "Since 2006, the PA has been paying 40 million shekels ($12m) a month for electricity to be delivered from Israel to Gaza, which is deducted from tax revenues collected by Israel on behalf of the PA."

The movie Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando Bloom gives a good historical background into the sacred and controversial history of Jerusalem. Basically it is a holy place to every religion under the sun specifically Muslims, Jews and Christians.

The problem with Israel is that Israel is not a free republic, it is a Jewish state. Which is fine if that's what they really want. It just makes it inherently problematic knowing that Israel traditionally did not own or conquer all of Palestine anciently and they were commanded to vex not the stranger that sojourneth with thee. The Palestinians living within Israel were people without a country or passport. However, recently that has changed.

The Palestinian passport, which was issued in 1995 and was based on the Oslo Accords reached between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, is essentially a travel document and does not stipulate that its owner is a citizen of Palestine.

However, the Times of Israel is reporting that "The office of Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas has reportedly informed Israel it intends to begin issuing “State of Palestine” passports to West Bank residents." Interesting, I think that is fair. If Isreal is not willing to form a free republic and insists on maintaining a Jewish State, then a two state solution is the logical conclusion.

Jerusalem, is then the capital of Israel and the capital of Palastine. That's fair.

Gaza must submit to Palestine. Salam Alaikum.

I would also like to point out the obvious. Fascists don't like Jews yet Donald Trump does. His daughter married a Jew. Donald Trump is obviously sympathetic to the cause of Israel. That means he isn't Fascist. Just sayin.

Fatal shooting in Langley and South Surrey

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "Homicide investigators have identified the man found shot in the backyard of a Langley townhouse complex Thursday night. Dai Duong Duong of Abbotsford, 21, was found in the 8100-block of 204th Street at 10:45 p.m. Thursday night. Duong was known to police and believed to be involved in gang activity."

The Peace Arch News is also reporting that "A 48-year-old man has been taken to hospital in serious condition following a shooting in South Surrey Friday morning. According to a tweet by Surrey RCMP, the incident occurred in the 17000-block of 21 Avenue at about 9:30 a.m."

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

BC Pot sales: Public and Private

CBC is reporting that "Recreational pot sold in British Columbia will be sold at both public and privately run stores, the provincial government says." The minimum age to purchase it will be 19. That sounds good. However, there are a few details that are concerning.

Its interesting to note that although the Conservatives were against the legalization of pot, when they were in power they established a free market pot system for medical marijuana. They cited the number of entrepreneur applications to grow medical marijuana.

Mark and Jodie Emery are pushing for free market pot. That is what I support. The last thing we need is more Health Canada corruption screwing things up for Canadians again.

Recently there was news of a huge drug bust in Washington state. Only it wasn't cocaine or heroin it was pot. I'm like what are they doing? Pot was legalized there in 2012. Somebody isn't listening. Freaking out about an "illegal" grow after pot has been legalized is a complete waste of time and money. The whole point of legalizing pot is so that police can more efficiently use their time going after hard drugs like crack, crystal meth and fentanyl.

Dramatic police raids of grow ops after the legalization of pot while they turn a blind eye to the public sale of crack is somewhat suspicious. Just like these recent charges against Marc and Jodie Emery. It's a compete waste of time and tax dollars. Their political campaign was successful. Get over it and leave them alone. It's like making a big deal about arresting someone for growing tomatoes without a license. Who cares? There are much more important problems we need to worry about.

Although I rather not see pot sold in liquor stores, I rather see it sold there than grocery stores. I'm glad they are allowing the private pot shops but $30,000 a year for a license is insane. That is not a free market. The said they would reduce the fee for pot shops but that has yet to be seen. Whatever a business license costs for any business, that should be the fee. If they want to tax the sale of pot feel free but boosting the cost of a business license for pot kills the free market.

Surrey Shooting

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "Police say a 22-year-old Surrey man who was shot in Newton Tuesday night is believed to be involved in the drug trade. The shooting took place near 148th Street and 64th Avenue around 8 p.m. on Tuesday (Dec. 5)."

Monday, December 4, 2017

Juan Orlando Hernández: Wanted for Murder and Theft: Update

Juan Orlando Hernández is responsible for the murder of 19 year old Kimberly Dayana Fonseca, when he ordered troops to shoot unarmed protesters after he refused to step down when he lost a democratic election in Honduras December 1st 2017. This boy was shot in the back running away from the army. Shooting a civilian in the back as he is running away is murder.

Pot and Pan Protest

At specific times during the night the people in Honduras protest the curfew and the presidents refusal to step down after a democratic election by baning pots and pans just like in Montreal.

Honduran Police go on Strike, Curfew lifted

The Financial Times is reporting that "Honduras’ elite US-funded Cobra police force stopped obeying government orders and went on strike just before a government curfew descended for the fourth night in the wake of violent protests against the disputed November 26 elections. Aldo Oliva, a former police commissioner, told UneTV the strike was in protest at the government crackdown on dissent after disputed elections more than a week ago."

"Honduran police have announced they will refuse to obey orders from the government of the incumbent president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, and will remain in their barracks until a political crisis triggered by last Sunday’s contested presidential election has been resolved. All national police – including elite US-trained units – in the capital, Tegucigalpa, would refuse to enforce a curfew ordered by the government after days of deadly violence triggered by allegations of electoral fraud, a spokesman said on Monday night."

“We want peace, and we will not follow government orders – we’re tired of this,” said the spokesman outside the national police headquarters. “We aren’t with a political ideology. We can’t keep confronting people, and we don’t want to repress and violate the rights of the Honduran people.” Crowds of anti-government protestors greeted the announcement with cheers and chanted: “The people united will never be defeated!”

Reuters is reporting that "The Organization of American States on Monday said it could not be sure Honduras’ president won a second term in an election last week, citing irregularities and errors in the process and calling for a recount of nearly a third of the votes."

God Bless Honduras and God Damn the CIA. Like a Waving flag yo.

Voici c'est ma familia. Word.

The police strike only lasted a day but they are still refusing to confront protesters. The Globe and Mail is reporting that "Police officers returned to duty Tuesday after briefly refusing to enforce a curfew aimed at quelling protests over the slow vote count for Honduras' Nov. 26 presidential election. Supporters of opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla blocked some highways, deepening the country's political crisis amid claims of fraud by President Hernandez."

The Honduran Government Is Trying to Steal an Election

The Nation is reportng that "It’s increasingly clear that a majority of voters have had enough of US-backed President Juan Orlando Hernández. On the eve of the presidential elections, The Economist dropped a report in which it described “Plan B,” an attempt at local vote rigging by the National Party. Leaked recordings from a training session documented a government employee urging poll workers to fill out extra ballots for Hernández and add additional marks to nullify those cast for Nasralla. the Honduran government’s corruption is not limited to election fraud."

"Recent court testimonies allege ties between the government and criminal groups. During one trial, a former Mexican drug dealer said he had met with Julián Pacheco, the Honduran minister of security and a 1979 graduate of the School of the Americas, to discuss plans to ship cocaine from Colombia to the United States via Honduras. Earlier this year, in another case, the leader of one of country’s largest drug cartels identified Tony Hernandez, a Honduran congressman and the president’s brother, as one of the group’s senior government allies."

Is Honduras’s ruling party planning to rig an election?

OAS may request new Honduras election to correct 'irregularities'

Reuters is reporting that "The Organization of American States (OAS) said on Wednesday it may call for new Honduran elections if any “irregularities” undermine the credibility of results in last month’s disputed vote that has sparked a crisis in the Central American nation.

In a statement, the OAS also called for an immediate return of constitutional rights such as freedom of movement. The Honduran government imposed a curfew last week when protests erupted over the vote count in the Nov. 26 presidential election, which has been tarnished by allegations of electoral fraud."

Another election would be nice but the bottom is that Juan Hernández needs to be criminally charged with fraud and murder. He needs to step down. Rigging another election won't cut it.

Update: The local news in Honduras is showing evidence of the fraud. They are showing scanned log sheets with the name of the employee counting the votes and the number of vote each person received beside their name. In many cases the results have been erased or altered. For example one instance it said 097 votes for Juan Orlando Hernández but it was changed to read 197 vote. Each time the vote were changed it was in favor of Juan Orlando Hernández.

Locals in Honduras use the slogan Fuera JOH. JOH are the initials for Juan Orlando Hernández. It's pronounced Ho. Fuera means leave or go. Amazon has Tshirts printed and someone posted a popular youtube video of a man singing the song with an accordion.

Why isn’t the world talking about the Honduras corruption scandal?

Juan Orlando Hernández corruption scandal has been protested for years after he was caught taking money from the heath care for his political party. Activists said that more than 3,000 people have died because the hospitals could not afford to stock medicine or in some cases substituted actual medicine for placebo pills made from flour or common diuretics. Right now in Honduras there are many private schools although not many can afford it. The reason is because in the public schools many of the teachers are not paid and work as volunteers. Guess who is pocketing all the humanitarian aid from the United States.

Amnesty International

"The Honduran government is deploying dangerous and illegal tactics to silence any dissenting voices in the aftermath of one of the country’s worst political crisis in a decade, including preventing lawyers and human rights activists from visiting detained demonstrators, Amnesty International said after a visit to the country following contested presidential elections on 26 November. 'Honduras seems to be on a very dangerous free fall where ordinary people are the victims of reckless and selfish political games,' said Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas Director at Amnesty International."

The LA Times is reporting that "Almost two weeks after Hondurans went to the polls, the still-unresolved results of the country’s disputed national elections remain a source of uncertainty and disquiet amid widespread allegations of fraud.

Fake poll tries to ban all firearms

The Post Media News monopoly is reporting on a bizarre poll the Canadian Press conducted calling for a complete ban on all firearms in urban areas. This is Corporate Communism. Why is a corporate news monopoly conducting a stacked poll with the intent of guiding public opinion away from civl liberty? Because that is what their corporate mandate calls for.

The article admits that "The Liberal plans don't involve any kind of total ban and, indeed, no political party has ever suggested the idea." So why the f*ck is a corporate brainwashing think tank pushing for it? The article admits that In 2011, two NDP MPs from Thunder Bay, Ontario broke ranks and voted in favour of the Conservative government's legislation to repeal the gun registry for long guns. As far as I'm concerned, the Canadian Press corp and the Post Media propaganda conglomeration can go f*ck themselves.

In the words of Earl from the movie Men in Black, you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead fingers. People don't commit crimes with registered firearms. The current system is not working. Only the criminals have guns. This obscene proposal is something Hitler or Stalin would be proud of. As Jesse Ventura said, the second amendment was not framed to protect citizens right to hunt. It was to allow citizens to protect themselves from corrupt governments. From what we are seeing of political corruption around the world, that right is needed now more than ever.

Update: Christmas gun sales

Thousands protest government corruption in Israel

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that "Thousands of protesters gathered on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard on Saturday night to demand transparency and accountability in government, in response to recent legislation banning the police from recommending indictments against elected officials." Obviously the guy has lost his mind.

These people have a legitimate grievance. What would the world say if the army used live ammunition on these protesters and tried to impose a 6 PM curfew to prevent them from voicing their concerns? Somehow I think the world would be outraged. So why doesn't anyone care about what's going on in Honduras? "When you have done it to one of the least of these, you have done it unto me."

Norm Farrell's Save BC Hydro funding page

Norm Farrell is a local blogger who has done a great job covering the corruption at BC Hydro which is heading us towards a similar situation that caused the Greek Financial crisis. Norm is one of the few champions of justice that confronts the real problem at BC Hydro - the Independent Power Producers. They are private companies that sell power to the public company at above market rates. This is a GoFundme page Norm has set up to raise money for advertising to raise public awareness about the tax fraud.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hawthorne Park Fraud Exposed

Although this fraud is insignificant compared to the voter fraud in Honduras and the resulting chaos, I will expose this billion dollar fraud here at home because it is in my crib so to speak.

There are two aspects of this fraud. The first is obviously tied to SNC-Lavalin the most corrupt construction corporation on the planet that burns tax dollars faster than the Greek Financial crisis. The second is like unto it. It represents the laundering of public assets to campaign contributors just like Diane Watts did in Campbell Heights. It was yet another dirty deal done dirt cheap.

There are a lot of people here in Surrey that do not want a road going through the middle of Hawthorne park and do not want them to build condos or commercial development in the park. Linda Hepner is steamrolling ahead with this dirty deal just like they did in Campbell heights completely ignoring the concerns of the local residents and heeding only the campaign contributions of the dirty developers set to get rich off of tax dollars.

The other day I was riding down 104th Aveue in Surrey past Guildford mall reflecting on the complete mess a LRT would cause reverting 104th to a single lane of traffic each way and I noticed all the vacant lots along 104th that are ready for development.

I thought to myself, why don't they build condos in any of the vacant lots on 104th? Why are they so obsessed with building condos on 104th in park land? The answer is simple. If they build condos in any of the vacant lots on 104th they have to pay fair market value for that land. If they build condos on the park land along 104th they get the land for next to nothing as the city redesignates protected greenspace for high density commercial or residential and the dirty developers who pay kickback to City hall in the form of campaign contribution make a fortune.

Simply put, the developers make more money building on park land than they do on regular land. There is no reason they can't build condos in any of the vacant lots on 104th. They would make plenty of money if they did and the City wouldn't have to build a road through a park to access them. They just wouldn't make as much money as they would if they build condos on protected greenspace. It's all about greed. Making a huge amount of money isn't good enough. They always want to make more at the taxpayers expense. That is greed.

When Gwyn Morgan was CEO of SNC-Lavalin he was able to secure the contract for the Evergreen Line with Translink despite the colossal amount of fraud that scandal ridden company was embroiled in. As a result, the Evergreen line went way over budget. Big surprise. SNC-Lavalin works for Translink and builds LRT. Do the math. Help keep SNC-Lavalin out of Surrey.

B.C. needs a Corruption Inquiry

Gangsters out endorses Andrew Wilkinson

I do not support Dianne Watts for good reason

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Donald Trump pardons El Chapo

No Donald Trump hasn't pardoned El Chapo yet but he should. In exchange for his testimony against the CIA at a congressional hearing about Operation Fast and Furious. Think about it. What do Pablo Escobar, Manuel Noriega and El Chapo all have in common? They all sold drugs for the CIA and they were all screwed over by the CIA for doing what they were told to do. Oliver North told the court he was authorized to do everything that he did. The only difference is that they made him a Fox TV News host while the other three got completely screwed over.

In February 2017 Pablo Escobar's son claimed his father sold drugs for the CIA. Big surprise. All through that whole Narcos Netflix series, it's pretty obvious every time the DEA tried to arrest Pablo Escobar, the CIA were there running interference because Pablo was selling drugs for them. Gary Webb was right. The CIA were indeed responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80's. The CIA have been deeply involved in drug trafficking since Vietnam, all through Iran Contra and even today in Afghanistan and in Mexico through Fast and Furious.

The CIA created and betrayed Pablo Escobar just like they did Manuel Noriega. After Pablo Escobar went to jail, the CIA started using the Cali cartel instead of the Medellin cartel. Colonel Edward P. Cutolo testified that in Operation Watchtower the planes loaded with cocaine landing in Panama from Bogata were met by Col. Tony Noriega and CIA Agent Edwin Wilson. Tragically Noriega passed away this year after serving the rest of his life in prison. Trump should have pardoned Noriega in exchange for his testimony against Oliver North and the CIA.

Fast forward to 2011. In Operation Fast and Furious the ATF were selling guns to the Mexican cartel and bringing back tons of cocaine into the United States as payment. It was a CIA operation. The judge Bonner story taught the CIA that the only way to shut up the DEA was to infiltrate it. That's exactly what they did to the ATF.

So Operation Fast and Furious gets exposed and the CIA screw over El Chapo after helping him rise to power just like they did Pablo Escobar and Manuel Noriega. As I spotlight corruption in Honduras I'm not going to touch the MS 13. Their business is none of my business. I'm just going to highlight the CIA election fraud there to aid and abet their drug trafficking in Honduras just like Major Charles McKee tried to do with the CIA's drug trafficking in Lebanon.

The CIA is a criminal organization that makes the Hells Angels look like boy scouts. Their mandate is murder to get gain and their method of operation is through deception and disinformation. They lie, consistently, about everything they do. America isn't bad, the CIA is. The US Constitution is good. The CIA are enemies of the US Constitution. Buyer Beware.

Forensics unit on the scene after Chilliwack car fire

The Chilliwack Progress is reporting that "The RCMP’s forensic identification unit was still on the scene at noon Friday after an early morning car fire in the downtown Safeway parking lot. A number of people on social media claim to have seen a body in the driver’s seat of the vehicle, but police have said nothing about anyone in the car nor has the Integrated Homicide Investigation Unit arrived on the scene."

Friday, December 1, 2017

Charges stayed against Jamie Bacon in Surrey Six

Global is reporting that "Charges against pig sh*t Jamie Bacon in connection with the Surrey Six homicides have been stayed by the B.C. Supreme Court, the BC Prosecution Service (BCPS) announced Friday" over trial delays. This is the epitome of evil.

This time it's not the court's fault. The trial delays have been colossal. Who's fault is it? The slimeball cops that slept with the witness and the crown itself for delaying it so long to cover up the police misconduct. They are both to blame. Jamie Bacon certainly wasn't the brains of the operation but he was the piece of garbage that orchestrated the hit. We wasn't trying to tax Cory Lal on behalf of himself. He was trying to tax Cory on behalf of the Hells Angels. Jamie pigsh*t was the one who went in there all coked up wanting to make it look like a scene from scarface.

Global is reporting that "Eileen Mohan, the mother of Chris Mohan, who was killed in the Surrey Six shootings, said she was expecting that her son would see justice until the ruling was made public on Friday. 'My son’s life was taken so horrifically, and to give me a verdict like that today was … I just wanted to scream to the rest of the world until someone listens to me and understands my pain,' she said." God bless her.

Global is also reporting that "Bacon remains in custody on a charge of counselling the murder of an individual. A trial on that charge is set to commence on April 3, 2018. Bacon has made no application for bail on that charge, and the Crown would oppose his release, the BCPS said."

I have a lot of things on the go right now. I'm experiencing a New York Minute so to speak. I'm going to take time to deal with some family issues and keep hammering on Honduras until the world wakes up and sees what's really going on there. In the meantime I just want to say that Jamie Bacon is a piece of garbage. He has no respect in Surrey.

So are the IHITit cops that were sleeping with witnesses and so are the ones that are still sleeping with witnesses, specifically the black widow. I'm not going to name her publicly but the sleazeballs invloved know who I am referring to. All I can say is that I'll see you all in hell.

Addressing the Lies

Just to clarify, Matthew Johnston did not shoot all six victims. DK, Dennis Karbovanec, plead guilty to killing Chris Mohan, Bartolomeo and Michael Lal. Person X said he killed three and Cody Haevischer killed three.

Jamie Bacon "had wanted to kill Corey Lal from mid-2007 onward. In the months leading up to the Surrey Six murders, Bacon frequently raised the issue of his hatred for Corey Lal. Bacon first claimed that Lal had to be clipped during a restaurant meeting attended by Le, a witness known only as Person Y, and other Red Scorpions in September 2007, the statement said. After initially resisting the idea at several meetings, Le eventually told Bacon to do whatever you want, whatever you need to do.”

"Jamie Bacon gave Le $25,000 for Person A, who had helped them get into the building."

Jamie Bacon asked Corey Lal to pay him $100,000 tax for dealing on their turf. Bacon also confiscated Lal's glock pistol. When Lal didn't pay he was targeted in the Surrey Six. Jamie Bacon tried to tax Corey and Jamie Bacon confiscated his glock so they would be unarmed. Jamie Bacon was the one who went in there all coked up wanted to live out a scene from Scarface. Jamie Bacon is the peice of sh*t. He was acting on the directions of his preppy brother Jonathan who was close friends with Larry Amero. Before the Surrey Six the Red Scorpions sold drugs for the UN. After the Surrey Six they sold drugs for the Hells Angels. It's that simple.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

CIA supports Honduras voter fraud and murder - Update

Update: Juan Orlando Hernández: Wanted for Murder

Once again the CIA meddles in a foreign country's democratic election. As soon as the incumbent president who changed the constitution without a referendum started to lose, they stopped counting the ballots. People resumed their protests over the current president's corruption and a European Union electoral observation mission criticized the electoral court for its lack of communication about the results. Now all of a sudden the delayed results are mysteriously changing and the people are crying foul about the fraud.

DW dot com is reporting that "The court interrupted its live broadcast to say the rest of the ballots would be brought to the capital from 400 remote areas by military trucks to be counted." Military intervention in a democratic election. Where have we heard that before?

The Financial Times is reporting that " A results blackout by the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), which lasted more than a day, fuelled fears of fraud. Unconfirmed reports suggested parties had discussed immunity from prosecution for officials in Mr Hernández’s scandal-hit government."

InSight crime is reporting that "The brother of the president of Honduras has reportedly traveled to the United States following the revelation that he is considered a person of interest in a high-profile drug investigation, marking a significant development in an already explosive case."

"Honduras is a major stop for drug traffickers; corruption is rampant. Many experts say things got markedly worse after the 2009 coup that ousted democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya" which the CIA supported and orchestrated.

Honduras: The northern front for the contra's cocaine

In September Reuters reported that "The son of former Honduran President Porfirio Lobo was sentenced to 24 years in prison on Tuesday after pleading guilty to a U.S. charge of conspiring to import cocaine into the United States. Lobo’s father was elected president of Honduras in late 2009 after a military coup ousted then-President Manuel Zelaya. Porfirio Lobo left office in January 2014, when current president Juan Orlando Hernandez took office."

Wikipedia is reporting that "The Honduran drug lord Juan Matta-Ballesteros was the owner of SETCO, an airline which the Nicaraguan Contras used to covertly transport military supplies and personnel in the early 1980s. Writers such as Peter Dale Scott and Jonathan Marshall have suggested that the U.S. government's desire to conceal or protect these clandestine shipments led it to close the DEA office in Honduras when an investigation began into SETCO, allowing Matta-Ballesteros to continue and expand his trafficking."

Don't support the CIA's drug trafficking network any more.

God Bless Tegucigalpa and God Damn the CIA.

In 2015 protesters hit the streets demanding the resignation of President Juan Orlando Hernández after a "reporter revealed that copies of checks were written by the phantom companies to the campaign commission of Mr. Hernández’s National Party, money that appears to have funded his 2013 presidential campaign. A congressional report found checks for $190,000 made out to the national party from companies involved in the social security scandal."

More protests in 2015 objecting to "the Support Mission Against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras, known as MACCIH, as a toothless initiative that won’t be able to root out corruption as effectively as the independent U.N.-backed International Commission Against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras, known as CICIH, long proposed by popular movements demanding an end to fraud and impunity in massive protests for months in 2014." The CIA backed commission was ineffective because the CIA are the root of the problem. They are the drug traffickers.

Voter fraud has trampled their hopes of cleaning up corruption in the Hernández government. One civilian has already been killed in violent clashes with riot police.

This is a petition confronting the Hernández government's corruption and current voter fraud.

Update: The unrest continues and the real election results are still withheld from the public. Where there is no justice there will be no peace. Yet looting is not the answer. That is counterproductive. The turmoil we are now seeing in Honduras is exactly how the CIA helped create the Communist Revolution in Cuba by supporting the corrupt Batista government which caused the people in Cuba to revolt. Communism is not the answer. That is like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

You can be left wing or right wing. That is your right. It falls under the freedom of association. However, Fascism and Communism are both bad. One is no better than the other. They both lead to the same place: the destruction of civl liberty compounded with atrocities.

America is not bad, the CIA is. The US Constitution is an excellent model for a free republic. The Communist Manifesto is not. There are no human rights in Communism. There is no civl liberty in Communism. There is no free speech or democracy in Communism. None of those exist in that system. In the book Fidel on Religion, Castro admitted that he recruited the help from Christian Marxists in his revolution. Yet after he seized power he shafted them all for helping him by establishing a Marxist Leninist Atheist State.

Cuba was a watered down form of Communism where religion was technically allowed but you could not be a member of the Communist Party if you had a religious affiliation and there was only one political party allowed, the Communist Party so you were not allowed to run for office. That is not a democracy. In contrast, the motto behind the French Revolution was Liberté, égalité, fraternité - liberty, equality, fraternity. That is what we need. Freedom from corruption and from Communism so we can live in peace.

The US Constitution is a good model. The Communist Manifesto is not.

Pray for Honduras. As God lives, what's done in the dark will be brought to the light.

The Guardian is reporting that "A teenage girl was killed as troops opened fire on unarmed protesters in the Honduran capital on Saturday, after the government declared a 10-day curfew and suspended constitutional rights in an attempt to contain an escalating political crisis fuelled by evidence of electoral fraud. Six days after the election, the winner of the presidential race has still not been declared by the beleaguered electoral commission (TSE), which is controlled by Hernández’s National party."

"The opposition Alliance leader, Salvador Nasralla, was five points ahead until a spate of irregularities including mysterious delays in rural votes and computer glitches saw his seemingly insurmountable lead overturned. “The fraud can no longer just be called fraud,” Eugenio Sosa, a sociologist and political analyst, told the Guardian. “This is a type of electoral coup against the president-elect, Salvador Nasralla.”

Opposition Calls For New Election. One where the votes aren't counted by the governing party.

The corrupt government they have been protesting against since 2014 was finally defeated in a democratic election so the corrupt president stops counting the votes right before they are all counted then imposes a military curfew on the people for objecting to the fraud. Donald Trump can save Honduras if he supports democracy and stops letting the CIA overthrow it.

Juan Orlando Hernández: Wanted for Murder