Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Former Hells Angel shot dead in Toronto

Global is reporting that "Police are investigating after a 43-year-old Toronto man was gunned down at a North York plaza Saturday evening. The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead on scene. He has been identified by police as James Clayton Holland. Holland has been identified as one of the owners of a pot dispensary located on the second level of the plaza. Sources tell Global News he had just locked up the shop for the night, before he was fatally shot."

Kim Bolan is reporting that the victim was a former member of the BC Hells Angels who continued to make money after he was kicked out of the club. Once again L & R has nothing to do with it. It's all about maintaining a monopoly on the drug trade.

James Holland was the secretary of a company called GJP Holdings Ltd., which was headed by Gino, Brandy's Ex and was disolved in 2007. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist

The Guardian is reporting that "The journalist who led the Panama Papers investigation into corruption in Malta was killed on Monday in a car bomb near her home. Daphne Caruana Galizia died on Monday afternoon when her car, a Peugeot 108, was destroyed by a powerful explosive device which blew the car into several pieces and threw the debris into a nearby field."

"A blogger whose posts often attracted more readers than the combined circulation of the country’s newspapers, Galizia was recently described by the Politico website as a 'one-woman WikiLeaks'. Her blogs were a thorn in the side of both the establishment and underworld figures that hold sway in Europe’s smallest member state."

42 kilos of carfentanil seized from Pickering home

City News is reporting that "Lab results from Health Canada have confirmed that a substance seized from a Pickering home last month was the deadly opioid carfentanil. Durham regional police said they seized 53 kilograms of unknown substances from a residence on Liatris Drive on September 30 with 42 kilograms later confirmed to be carfentanil – a synthetic opioid 100 times stronger than fentanyl." Carfentanil is nasty.

A space to shoot up, but no space for addiction treatment

CBC is reporting that "Little of Ontario government's opioid crisis money has gone to addiction treatment in Ottawa. The Ontario government announced $222 million over three years in new spending to help communities' treatment and harm reduction strategies as a response to the opioid crisis. So far in Ottawa, close to $2 million has been spent on harm reduction strategies to stem the alarming tide of overdoses. The money has been used to supply naloxone and training for first responders, as well as opening up supervised injection sites. As for actual treatment, to date, $265,000 has been spent to hire a couple of counsellors, a nurse and a nurse practitioner for community-based services. No new treatment beds are expected to open."

That is the root of the problem. "Harm Reduction" has become Harm Promotion. They adapted the Four Pillars program and threw away the other four pillars. All we're doing now is supporting organized crime with tax dollars. We might as well cut the Hells Angels and the Pharmaceutical companies a cheque. It would save human being a colossal amount of misery.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

American Hells Angel arrested for burglary

Wate dot com is reporting that "Brian Zielinski, an American member of the Hells Angels who goes by the name Jack Sparrow was arrested for burglary while dressed as a pirate. Me thinks he could use a drug test so he could. I guess the club isn't as well connected in the Sates as they are in Canada. Ya gotta love Captian Jack though.

The New York Daily News is reporting that "Zielinski was staying at a friend's house and started acting crazy when he was kicked out. The captain reportedly refused to leave the house and crawled back inside the building through a downstairs window. Once Zielinski was back inside the house, he allegedly became combative and Dunlap police said they were forced to tase him before arresting him." He must have mistook the residence for the Black Pearl.

Ireland braces for hurricane Ophelia - Update

The Guardian is reporting that "Ireland is bracing itself for Hurricane Ophelia with a red weather warning issued for the Republic and an amber warning issued for Northern Ireland. To underline the serious risk Ophelia poses to public safety, Met √Čireann also warned that it could be as bad the 1961 Hurricane Debbie, the most powerful cyclone ever to hit Ireland, which caused 18 deaths." I'm a bit confused. Hurricanes normally form in warmer waters.

The Washington Post is reporting that "On Saturday, Hurricane Ophelia accomplished the unthinkable, attaining Category 3 strength farther east than any storm in recorded history. Racing north into colder waters, the storm has since weakened to Category 1, but it is set to hammer Ireland and the northern United Kingdom with damaging winds and torrential rain on Monday as a former hurricane." After Ireland it's due to hit Scotland and miss England.

CNN is reporting that "Ophelia's position is the farthest east that a major hurricane has traveled in the Atlantic. The previous record was held by Hurricane Frances in 1980, according to CNN meteorologist Haley Brink. Frances formed off the northwest coast of Africa near Senegal, according to an archived National Hurricane Center report. Frances never made landfall."

CNN is also reporting that "Ophelia weakened from a Category 3 to a Category 2 hurricane early Sunday, with sustained winds of 105 mph." It's a wild world so it is. Mind how ya go.

Update: The Washington Post is reporting that "Former Hurricane Ophelia plowed into southern Ireland early Monday, unleashing wind gusts as high as 119 mph, ripping off roofs and downing trees. The Irish Meteorological Service said it could be the country’s strongest storm in 50 years."

The BBC is reporting that "As hurricane-force gusts battered the Republic of Ireland, one woman and a man died in separate incidents when trees fell on their cars. A second man died in a chainsaw accident while attempting to remove a tree felled by the storm."

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bacchus infects Prince Edward Island like a STD

The Guardian is reporting that Bacchus, a Hells Angles puppet club has set up shop in PEI. No doubt, local law enforcement is concerned. RCMP Cpl. Andy Cook asks local residents if they want to support organized crime.

"There are other motorcycle clubs in Charlottetown and Summerside, but they don’t wear the one per cent patch that self-identify them as motorcycle gangs. Cook said so far there haven’t been any problems between the groups in P.E.I. 'Historically, here in P.E.I. everybody’s gotten along,' he said. That’s something Cook worries could change with a Hells Angels presence in the province. “The Hells Angels it’s a well documented history of them being a violent group,” Cook said. He also said the Angels have a history of drug trafficking and extortion, leading the courts to declare them a criminal organization. 'That’s the baggage the Hells Angels bring with them wherever they go,' he said." True enough. Bacchus as well.

Bacchus has a history of drug trafficking, bullying and murder whilst under the Hells Angels banner. The persona and the reality are two very different things. Many argue the persona is a mockery to justify plausible deniability when it comes to organized crime.

George Wethern, former Vice-President of the Oakland Chapter said "The Oakland Angels began issuing new charters and assisting chapters set up their own drug operations. The additions were designed to contribute to our image and business concerns, by providing a drug route link, manufacturing a drug, supplying chemicals, or distributing drugs in an untapped area."

Sorry to break it to ya guys but your clown up top is dressed as a Roman soldier not a Greek god. Same with the logo that has a condom on its nose. That means their logo is of the Bacchus who was a Roman soldier that was openly gay and secretly Christian not the Greek god. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just sayin. Warm brothers in the hood yo.

Tunnel fear mongering is false

Yesterday the Vancouver Province printed a letter from a paramedic who lives in Vanocuer and is familar with the George Massey tunnel. He wanted to dispel some of the falsehoods being spread in the media about the tunnel.

"As a paramedic, when I need to move time-sensitive patients through the Massey Tunnel, I use the emergency lights and sirens and the carpool lanes or shoulders any time of the day or night to get to the tunnel entrance quickly where traffic is flowing as often as it does on a bridge. If there is a crash in the tunnel, blocking it, I confirm that traffic is stopped and use the emergency lights on the ambulance again and drive in from the opposite direction of traffic flow — no cars! — to get the patients and leave."

"In the rare event of a fire in the tunnel (traffic isn’t moving that fast, high-energy crashes are rare, hence few result in fires or serious injuries), then people can move to the adjacent tunnel using the emergency exits. None of the recent public fearmongering justifies the outrageous outlay for a new bridge that my grandchildren will be paying for. There isn’t an infinite pot of taxpayer money."

Since traffic patterns have changed after the NDP lifted the tolls on the Port Mann bridge, there isn't a need to build a third bridge crossing on that side of the Fraser river. The NDP just saved us 2.5 billion tax dollars through fiscal restraint. So now the corporate campaign contributors are spreading false rumors about the tunnel claiming it needs to be replaced. Building an additional crossing like the Alex Fraser bridge is an entirely different matter than getting rid of a useful functioning tunnel. If you get rid of a functioning tunnel you have to build a bridge twice as big to make up for it which of course costs more money. As does demolishing a perfectly good tunnel.

Even Richmond city council is opposed to replacing the tunnel and they are the ones that have to live with it. The real reason they want to get rid of the tunnel is so they can load more coal onto the cargo ships at the Fraser docks. Once again it has nothing to do with traffic flow or fiscal responsibility. The whole thermal coal exports out of that dock is still before the courts.

As one blog reader pointed out, at least the tunnel works in the winter and doesn't have falling icicles crashing into cars whenever it freezes.

Fall leaves yield to winter

Fall represents change. The vibrant colours of fall transform the landscape in preparation of winter. It's going to be a long cold winter yo. Buyer Beware. Harm promotion isn't working.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Luc and Michelle LeBlanc found guilty of conspiracy to import cocaine

The RCMP is reporting that Luc and Michelle LeBlanc were found guilty on October 11, 2017 of conspiracy to import cocaine into Canada following an eight-week jury trial in the Court of Queen's Bench in Moncton. This is from 2013 where a Moncton couple were caught trying to smuggle 16 kilos of cocaine into Canada from Texas in their RV. They met Luc LeBlanc in Mexico and loaded up their RV with cocaine with the intent to drive it back to Canada but were stopped at the US border. The couple became crown witnesses.

Luc was already sentenced to six years in the summer of 2016 for the crystal meth and cocaine bust six months after they were caught trying to bring the cocaine in an RV through Texas. I haven't heard what happened to Jeff Galant. He's friends with the National President of Bacchus.

Body found in Kelowna Orchard

CBC is reporting that "RCMP in Kelowna are investigating after a body was found in an orchard in the 2100 block of Cooper Road around 11 a.m. Wednesday. Global is reporting that the death is being treated as suspicious. Castanet is reporting that "Police are confirming the body found off Cooper Road is that of a female, about 25 to 35 years of age."

Edmonton LRT is a bad model

A metro Vancouver resident originally from Edmonton wrote in to the Vancouver Province and pointed out that the Edmonton LRT is a bad model. He admitted working on the line as an apprentice. The letter published in the paper claims:

"I do not use public transport and also live north of the Fraser in Mission, thank God. But I have seen the devastation of badly planned light rail transit first-hand in Edmonton."

"Returning there after a 30-year absence was shocking. The gridlock, traffic and pedestrian chaos, improper software compatibility with existing systems, bad contracts, no accountability on anyone, and emergency vehicles unable to enter a hospital while the train is running is all bad. I worked on the infrastructure as an apprentice electrician and thought LRT was a great idea, but it was just poorly executed in Edmonton."

Recenly a pedestrian was killed by the LRT in Edmonton. Aside from the usual problems other cities have involving traffic accidents with the on ground railway, reducing 104th avenue to a single lane of traffic each way is insane. That is a huge step backwards not forwards.

Toronto has had its share of traffic accidents between streetcars, buses and even police cars as has Paris and San Fransisco. Skytrain avoids all of those problems.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Chilliwack shooting suspect arrested

The Abby News is reporting that "A 24-year-old Abbotsford man is in custody facing numerous charges after a shooting in a residential area near Chilliwack’s downtown core overnight Oct. 2." Another white guy that needs to be deported.

Fatal shooting victim in Richmond identified

The Peacearch News is reporting that "A body found in Richmond’s Garden City Park has been identified as a Surrey man. Ibrahim Amjad Ibrahim, 30, was found dead on Tuesday (Oct. 10) just after 4:15 a.m. It appeared Ibrahim had been shot."

More Manslaughter charges against fentanyl dealers

CBC is reporting that more manslaughter charge are being laid in Ontario for fentanyl dealers that cause fatalities. In contrast, the Surrey RCMP won't even charge the fentanyl dealers with drug trafficking right in front of them. Instead they are offering the fentanyl dealers police protection on the Surrey strip. It doesn't get any more corrupt than that.

When we first cited a Vice dot com report on the fentanyl drug trade in Calgary, fentanyl was already established. People were addicted and were asking for the drug from dealers. Unlike in BC where the dealers were tainting other drugs with fentanyl with the intent on getting addicts here addicted to it as well. If people ask for the drug knowingly manslaughter charge are a stretch but if they are given the drug unknowingly, manslaughter charges at are well within reason.

Leanne Yardley died after doing a line of cocaine at Shakerz a bar owned by the Hells Angels in Surrey. She thought it was a line of coke but it was straight up fentanyl and it killed her. Not laying charges in that case is criminal culpablity just like not even arresting the drug dealers selling fentanyl on the Surrey strip right in front of the RCMP. Lawlessness does not serve the public.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Dear Younger Me

While waiting at a seniors home I noticed a copy of Our Daily Bread a daily devotional they used to distribute through the United Church. One heading caught my eye: If I Knew Then... "On the way to work, I listened to the song 'Dear Younger Me,' which asks: If you could go back, knowing what you know now, what would you tell your younger self? As I listened, I thought about the bits of wisdom I might give my younger, less-wise self. Most of us have thought about how we might do things differently—if only we could do it all over again. But the song illustrates that even though we have regrets from our past, all our experiences have shaped who we are."

The song the devotional refers to is quite nice and reiterates a discourse by Rev. Peter M. Wallace printed in the Huffington Post called 52 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self. Number 2 reads "It’s a good thing that we don’t know everything that’s going to happen to us. If I had known all the pains and heartaches I would encounter in life, even amidst the joys and victories, it would surely have been too much to bear." Truth. "For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow."

When I first read the devotional my cynical mind chuckled and I looked back on my life and could see myself eagerly interject "Don't walk down that road! Don't do it! Don't go there." Kind of like an avalanche warning on a ski hill. Yet the devotional is correct in that all our experiences have shaped who we are and above all, children are never a mistake. I am grateful for the experiences I have had but many of them I sure as hell would not like to repeat or relive.

The second half of the devotional gets religious and mentions the forgiveness of God which doesn't really concern me. Not to be sacrilegious but that's just not where I'm at right now. For me it's about being true to your own set of values and being at peace with yourself. Outlaws for life.

Sunday shootings in Surrey and West Vancouver

CBC is reporting that "Police in the Cloverdale area of Surrey and officers in West Vancouver are both seeking tips after bullets struck homes in the two communities Sunday morning. It doesn't appear that the two incidents are related, despite sharing similar details. In Surrey, in the 17200 block of 65th Avenue, police say that someone fired shots around 11 a.m. PT at another person in a vehicle. The vehicle was hit along with a nearby residence. No one was injured."

"Hours earlier, at around 3:30 a.m. in West Vancouver, a British Properties residence was struck with bullets in the 2600 block of Finch Hill. Police say multiple shots struck the home, resulting in damage inside and out. "​Fortunately, no one was injured despite several people having been at the home earlier for a house party," said a release from West Vancouver police."

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Body found under Edmonton garage Identified

I Heart Radio is reporting that "A former Kitimat resident has been identified as the man whose remains were found buried under a garage in northwest Edmonton last week. City police there say 42-year-old Derek James Winnig had been reported missing back in May."

"Acting on a tip, police discovered the body last Friday, buried in a pit about two metres below the concrete floor of a garage. Police are treating the case as a homicide, but have not released the cause of Winnig's death." This case is dodgy as f*ck.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Circle of Life

I just wanted to pause for a moment to ponder the solemnities of eternity. As I said, I've been busy multitasking several different things and have some family matters that are requiring me to spend some time to help see them through. As I do so my mind reflects on the circle of life.

I remember visiting my father before he passed away while he was in extended care. I was helping feed him his dinner and my mind visualized him feeding me pablum when I was a baby. Then it was my turn to feed him. The circle of life.

Now my mother is progressing to the point where she needs more care and we are trying to iron things out so she gets the care she needs. It's all about letting the elderly die with dignity. I'm not talking about euthanasia. That is a separate debate and I'm not going to dispute it.

Dying with dignity means comforting the afflicted. I've heard the term balm of Gilead. It was used in a metaphorical sense referring to how acts of compassion can be a healing balm to those who are suffering. Life does not end at death and what we do in life echos in eternity. Of that we can be sure. As I reflect on the circle of life music is my balm of Gilead.

2 B.C. seniors live in a van and struggle to make ends meet

CBC is reporting on two elderly women who are homeless and are living out of a van. Substance abuse is not an issue. They used to have a home in White rock. "Money troubles, disputes with landlords, family estrangements, and unlucky circumstances eventually led them to their current homelessness." Affordable housing is the problem especially in Surrey.

More than 100 seniors living on Surrey streets

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Final data from this year’s Metro Vancouver Homeless Count reveal that there are at least 114 seniors living on Surrey streets. Although that number is likely even higher, as the survey is largely recognized as an under-count. Surrey’s homeless seniors make up 23 per cent of the region’s total of 503 in this year’s Metro Vancouver Homeless Count, conducted in early come March." This needs to be addressed.

Evicting tenants from good homes in Clayton Heights is not the answer.

The Edmonton "Attack" and Project Argus

With regards to the recent Edmonton "attack" that has been completely overshadowed by the Las Vegas shooting I'm going to point out one simple odd coincidence. I have a source that claims higher up RCMP and 911 dispatch workers from all over were having conferences at the Coast plaza hotel in Edmonton while this "terrorist attack" occurred. The hotel was front and center to the whole 3 block quarantine area the attack occurred in.

I've already mentioned how the timing of this attack is somewhat suspicious given the fact that after Bob Paulson's exit interview, it looked like all the RCMP officers that were taken off organized crime might finally be put back where they belong. I've also mentioned how terrorist attacks without motive are also suspicious. Every crime has a motive.

Another odd coincidence is the fact that Edmonton was prepared for a terrorist attack and was on high alert. Who tipped them off? The confidentiality agreement everyone who participated in the RCMP / 911 dispatch seminar signed is also suspicious.

The National Post is reporting that "It’s entirely possible that Edmonton could have been the victim of the worst Canadian terrorist attack since the 1985 Air India bombing. On a night with crowds packing sidewalks to enjoy one of the last snow-free evenings of the year, a man got behind the wheel of a U-Haul with an intent to kill as many of them as possible. Instead, due exclusively to the efforts of Edmonton Police, he killed none. 'They did a terrific job, and as good as anywhere,'” said Chris Phillips, a British counterterrorism expert and consultant."

Comparing this unarmed lone wolf to the Air India bombing is somewhat extreme. It almost sounds like a PR event to get more funding before their billion dollar a year budget gets cut. Since they did mention Air India we need to reiterate that CSIS were the ones that provided the explosives for that heinous event and had an asset on the field that helped plan that attack.

Chris Phillips, a British counterterrorism expert and consultant said the Edmonton Police did a great job. Just who is Chris Phillips? He is a former cop from England who runs a terrorist training consultation firm that participated in Project Angus which was a three hour multimedia simulation to help various agencies learn how to deal with terrorist threats. The next question we need to ask is, was this staged attack in Edmonton a training simulation like project Argus? Please advise. Follow the money yo.

Combating Terrorism and Organized Crime

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Vancouver Province Spins for Linda Hepner

Well this is rather bizarre. Front page of today's Vancouver Province spins for Linda Hepner's insane plan to put LRT down 104th Avenue between Guildford mall and Surrey place. That is obscene. I can tell you two things. No one who lives in Guildford wants an onground train running down 104th Avenue reverting 104th avenue to a single lane of traffic each way.

That is not progress. No one who lives in Guildford wants a road going through Hawthorne park. Right through the best water park and children's playground in the city. No one who lives in Guildford wants a road going right through Hjorth road elementary schools' field. That is not progress, That is absolute insanity. Linda Hepner's defiance is proof she needs to be replaced.

Linda Hepner claims she prefers LRT because it is cheaper than Skytrain. I can tell you right now NOTHING Linda Hepner or Dianne Watts does has absolutely anything thing to do with saving money. Everything they do is about spending money and raising taxes. Everything.

Linda Hepner claims that SkyTrain would cost about $950 million more to build and the operating costs are 40-per-cent higher than LRT. I can tell you right now that is a Bold Faced Lie. Her plan at first estimate costs $2.6 billion. That's just the first estimate. There is not a snowballs chance in hell extending the track for Skytrain to Newton and if needs be along Fraser Hwy and 100th Avenue to Guildford would cost $950 million more than $2.6 billion. The Vancouver Province just printed a bold faced lie in their front page article.

The only reason Linda Hepner has dumped Skytrain is because she knows we will freak if she gives the contract to SNC-Lavalin. Giving the contract for the Evergreen line to SNC-Lavalin was a criminal act. The only reason Linda Hepner is pushing LRT is because they are paying her campaign contributions. That is the only reason.

Think about it, Skytrain is already in place. All they have to do is extend the track along King George Hwy to Newton. They already have the cars and storage space for the cars at night. Extending the track and buying a few extra cars will not cost 950 million more than $2.6 billion. That is a lie and completely fails the test of believability.

Skytrain currently ends at King George Station on 100th Avenue. They are currently widening the road on 100th Avenue. They could put the Skytrain track right along the middle of 100th avenue and keep two lanes each way. It would be a beautiful ride through Green Timbers. Reducing 104th Avenue to a single lane is complete insanity. Wake up to reality.

However, we don't want Skytrain to Guildford. We have park and ride in place. If you want to bring the social problems on the Surrey Strip to Guildford you can go f*ck yourself. First you need to fix the Surrey strip before you bring Skytrain to Guildford. People say it's about getting people out of their cars. No one has the right to say I am not allowed to drive a car or ride a motorcycle. Especially if it's an electric care or propane vehicle. I have that right.

People with cars prefer Skytrain because Skytrain doesn't impede traffic. People with cars have a say because they pay Translink a billion dollars a year in a 10 cent a litre regional gas tax above and beyond regular federal and provincial gas tax.

This scathing piece of misinformed propaganda was brought to you by the one and only Harold folds like a cheap tent Munro chief editor of the Vancovuer Sun / Province. Thanks for nothing.

Recent News: Pedestrian wearing earbuds struck and killed by Edmonton LRT

Second Shooter in Vegas Attack

I'm busy multitasking several things at once on the homefront but I just wanted to mention some conflicting reports that are coming in about the Las Vegas shooting. The first thing I want to emphasize is that what happened was horrific. There is no way to dispute or minimize that. Notwithstanding that fact we are hearing conflicting reports of a second shooter.

I'm just going to throw it out there for people to look into. I understand that Infowars posted a video of a second shooter and "debunkers" claimed it wasn't a second shooter it was a strobe light. I find it hard to believe that it was a strobe light. That's kind of like saying the Thermite residue Professor Steven Jones found in the 9/11 ruble was due to chalk. Not likely.

I'm looking for confirmation of a police radio call that confirms a second shooter. There is also conflicting evidence as to whether or not he was alone in his room or had visitors from Blackwater with him that night. A room service receipt shows he had two guests. I'll look into it later.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Another Mass Shooting in the US

Tragedy strikes Vegas last Sunday and the song by U2 Bloody Sunday comes to mind. A black guy stabs a cop in Edmonton and it's a major terrorist attack. Yet a white guy shoots 59 people dead and injures 500 and it's just another mass shooting. I certainly don't want to minimize the trauma of Sunday's tragedy in Vegas. It keeps being replayed in the news over and over again and hits home given the fact that Canadians were killed even one man from Maple Ridge.

CNN is reporting that "According to data compiled by Mother Jones magazine, which looked at mass shootings in the United States since 1982, white people -- almost exclusively white men -- committed some 64% of the shootings. The examples are infamous. Roof and the Charleston church massacre. Lanza and the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Holmes and the slaughter inside an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater."

"Black people committed close to 16% of the mass shootings Mother Jones looked at, while Asians were responsible for around 9%. People identified as either Latino, Native American and unknown rounded out the study."

Again the most baffling question in the Vegas shooting is the motive. No one knows a motive. No religious or political affiliation. No connection to the victims. Nothing. Every crime has a motive. A kid gets bullied at school and comes back to shoot the bullies and the kids who condoned it. Insane logic but a motive nonetheless.

Years ago the phrase going postal became common in the US due to a toxic work environment. A guy gets fired from the Post Office and comes back to shoot his manager and his coworkers. Completely insane but the connection reveals a motive. In this case there's nothing.

Steven Seagal once said that he feels many of these mass shootings are engineered. Without diminishing the solemnity of the tragedy I have to agree. Not all mass shootings are staged but I do believe some are. In this case the number of inconsistencies is concerning. Right now the renewed call for gun control in the United States appears to be the only motive on the table.

Acts of heroism emerge from the chaos

Sonny Melton from Tennessee died shielding his wife Heather from bullets during he shooting. Greater love hath no man than this yo. Compare that to the Montreal Hells Angel who used a waitress as a human shield durirng a shooting.

Jordan McIldoon was from Maple Ridge and worked in Surrey. The Vancouver Province is reporting that "McIldoon’s parents Angela and Alan provided an emailed statement to media Tuesday describing their late son as a fearless and compassionate young man who lived a life full of adventures. They said he grew up on the family’s acreage in Maple Ridge. He enjoyed playing hockey and snowboarding, as well as BMX and downhill mountain biking. He drove a Harley Davidson motorcycle and enjoyed NASCAR and country music. He “was rarely seen out of his cowboy boots,” the family said.

Jordan McIldoon was on track to complete his heavy-duty mechanic apprenticeship in one month and loved working for Jacob Bros. Construction, the McIldoons said. They said their son was living on the family’s property with his girlfriend Amber Bereza, who was with him at the concert Sunday. “Jordan did his best to make sure Amber was safe and we know he would have helped others had he not been injured himself,” they said. “We choose to focus on love over hatred and are moving forward knowing that Jordan was so incredibly loved by many. His was a life well lived. He was our only child and no words can describe our pain in losing him.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family mourn and prepare for their son’s funeral.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Stopping the Evictions in Clayton Heights

Turns out Dianne Watts' protege Linda Hepner is rallying one coalition against her after the other. The latest group of angry voters to rally against Linda Hepner is Clayton Heights. All the homeowners and renters. They were at the Surrey City Council meeting tonight.

Metro Vancouver is reporting that "Tenants and homeowners are getting organized to fight an order from the City of Surrey that could see 300 people evicted from their homes this January over parking congestion - even as the municipality faces a rental housing crisis."

Right in the middle of a housing crisis Linda Hepner decides to evict 300 tenants from nice homes over parking restrictions. The woman is insane. On one side of the city, Linda Hepner is providing police protection for the drug dealers on the Surrey strip yet in Clayton Heights Linda Hepner is evicting renters over parking restrictions. That is unequal protection of the law.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Jagmeet Singh wins leadership of federal NDP

Well this is interesting. Rising star Jagmeet Singh won the leadership of the federal NDP on the first ballot. This is the guy who tactfully dealt with the racist heckler not by saying I'm not Muslim but by saying hate is wrong.

CBC is reporting that "Jagmeet Singh is the next leader of the federal New Democratic Party of Canada, taking more than the 50 per cent of the votes in the party's federal leadership contest. In total 65,782 votes were cast, with Singh taking 35,266 on the first ballot. The Ontario provincial politician beat northern Ontario MP Charlie Angus who won 12,705 votes, Manitoba MP Niki Ashton who won 11,374 votes and Quebec MP Guy Caron who won 6,164 votes to claim the federal NDP's top job."

Jagmeet received 35,000 votes and the next closest received 12,000. That is significant. CBC is also reporting that "When the membership sign-up deadline passed in mid-August, Singh's campaign quickly announced that they had signed-up more than 47,000 members, representing about 57 per cent of all new members signed-up in the course of the campaign and 38 per cent of the 124,000 members eligible to vote."

New members and a new face. Let's see where this goes. I don't know much about him but I like his style. I'm not sure if I'm in 100% agreement with his Old Age Pension reforms but I do think he is a good person. That's hard to find in politics.

False Flag Fraud Strikes in Edmonton

This case is so ridiculous I hesitate to even mention it but since it is a distraction from the obvious we need to put it in perspective so we aren't distracted from the real issues. The headlines read about a "terrorist" attack in Edmonton of all places. Every crime has a means and a motive.

Who has the real motive for a terrorist attack in Edmonton? The refugees certainly don't. The refugees are looking for a safe place to live where they won't be persecuted. Performing a terrorist attack in Canada, one of the only places they are being welcomed doesn't make sense. Do we really believe 9/11? The only ones that have a real motive for a terrorist attack in Canada is CSIS and the RCMP's anti terrorist squad that risks losing billions of tax dollars from their budget with Bob Paulson's exit interview. Remember what Bob Paulson did.

Bob Paulson took all the RCMP investigators of organized crime away from investigating organized crime and assigned them to the secret task force with terrorist quotas that loses billions of tax dollars from its budget every year above and beyond what it spends on creating terrorist acts in Canada. What is the real issue here? The real issue is taking police away from investigating organized crime and get them to focus on bribing or threatening drug addicts to commit terrorist acts to rationalize their massive budget and to rationalize Bill C-51 resulting in the removal of civil liberty for everyone. That is the real issue.

The timing and location of this event is suspicious. Edmonton has a lot of racists to begin with. They will jump at any excuse to be racist. Edmonton also has a problem with organized crime. So just when we think the police are going to start investigating organized crime again, a very lame "terrorist" attack is created to prevent that from happening. Big surprise.

Do any of us actually believe 9/11 was orchestrated by cave dwelling terrorists? Getting a steel framed tower to collapse into it's own blueprint at freefall speed is a well planned event. Hitler burned down the German parliament building and blamed it on terrorists to justify getting the power of Chancellor. He then burned down a German radio station and blamed it on Poland to justify an invasion. The rest is history. Have we not learned from the past? Must we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

We have two problems in Canada right now. Organized crime and the RCMP's terrorist creating task force that loses billions of tax dollars from it's budget every year. Losing sight of that fact will not help us move forward. Look at the CIA Drug Trafficking Whistleblower Spreadsheet.

Combating Terrorism and Organized Crime

Tom Cruise in American Made: Fact and Fiction

Yesterday I saw American Made with Tom Cruise. It was OK. Tom Cruise did a great job. It kinda made you feel sad for Barry Seal at the end how he got screwed over like everyone else. It also instills how the high risk drug trade just isn't worth it. The movie was similar in content to Air America with Mel Gibson which covered the CIA's drug trafficking in Vietnam. That was a comedy presented as fiction which was actually based on a true story.

American Made starts off with the disclaimer Based on a True story. Indeed it was. Most of the names and places covered were real and true. However, the core truth of the movie was diluted and spun shielding the CIA's culpability in Barry Seals' conduct. Gary Webb proved the CIA was actively involved in drug trafficking to fund the Contras in Nicaragua.

That key fact was lost in the new script. In this movie they said the CIA were sending guns to the contras in Nicaragua. There's nothing wrong with that. The root of Iran Contra was the fact that they were bringing back tons of cocaine to fund the operation. Oliver North was in charge of the drug trafficking in Iran Contra. They omitted that fact from the new script.

The Netflix series Narcos mentioned Barry Seal but they completely spun the CIA's culpability in that series as well. In Narcos they claimed it was the Sandinista that were involved in drug trafficking not the Contas. That is what George Bush Sr told Reagan and Reagan believed him. George Bush Sr. has been tied to CIA drug trafficking ever since Vietnam.

In the movie American Made they truthfully said after Barry Seal got caught, Oliver North wanted to make it look like Barry Seal was drug trafficking for the Sandinista not the CIA. Barry Seal did a sting operation for Oliver North's spin campaign in the movie and in real life. Bill Clinton didn't pardon Barry Seal to recruit him for a sting operation. Barry Seal was working for Governor Clinton and Vice President Bush all along.

Mena, Arkansas was the hub of a CIA cocaine smuggling operation cited by Sarah McClendon. It's unfortunate Universal Pictures diluted that part out of the script hiding Hillary Clinton's culpability. However, the CIA's history of drug smuggling did not begin and end there. Hillary Clinton was the author of Operation Fast and Furious which was a CIA operation that infiltrated the ATF. They sold guns to the Mexican cartel and brought back tons of cocaine as payment.

The CIA created and betrayed Pablo Escobar just like they did Manuel Noriega. After Pablo Escobar went to jail, the CIA started using the Cali cartel instead of the Medellin cartel.

Consequently, I've put together a new CIA Drug Trafficking Whistleblower Spreadsheet.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Body found 7-feet beneath garage in north Edmonton

Global is reporting that "Edmonton homicide detectives are investigating after a man’s body was dug up from under a garage in north Edmonton on Friday. Police said they received information this past week that a body may have been buried in the floor of the residential garage near 118 Avenue and 96 Street. A forensic examination was carried out this past week at the garage of the home in the Alberta Avenue neighbourhood, which police said was known to them."

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that "The property is registered to a numbered corporation owned by Gohar Tasneem. The company was also the registered owner of a property where 24-year-old Lena Steinhauer was killed on Feb. 9, 2015."

Len Peltier and the spike in Yukon murders

CBC is reporting that the "Yukon has seen eight homicides in the last 12 months - an unusually high level of violence for the territory." Many are concerned that it is tied to the BC drug trade.

Adam Cormack's dead body was found June 28, 2017 on the Alaska Highway northwest of Whitehorse. Edward James Penner from Prince George was charged in his murder and has a history of violence. We all know the Hells Angels run the drug trade in Prince George.

Langley Times reported that "The RCMP seizure of weapons, drugs and cash during a March 16 2015 raid that targeted several locations in the Yukon has a strong connection to Langley." They found 856 gear which implicated Len Peltier. June 2015 Len Peltier was named and arrested with regards to a drug bust tied to the 856 in Whitehorse along with 26-year-old Jason Wallace.

Jason Wallace was the one who shot dead Lenny's cousin the mighty Bob Green because Jason didn't want to take the fall for Lenny again like everyone else has done in the past.

It is somewhat ironic that the spike in Yukon murders occurs right after Len Peltier shows up selling cocaine. My sources tell me Lenny is still working for the club. A new patch member has been assigned to work with him in Bob Green's place. If you want to stop the violence, stop cutting deals with Len Peltier and convict him. Lenny is the root of the problem.

The most offensive murder in that list involves Missing Women Advocate Wendy Carlick who was murdered right before she testified at the Missing Women's Inquiry in Whitehorse.

Coquitlam Crime Family Busted

CBC is reporting that "Police say a 17-month investigation has broken up a Coquitlam crime ring that trafficked fentanyl and "relied heavily on family ties." Coquitlam RCMP said in a statement their ENightlife investigation netted 59 charges against 11 people. Their ages range from a 19-year-old, Marcus Leach, who is charged with five gun offences and possession of proceeds of crime; to 69-year-old Karen Leach, who is charged with five firearms-related offences and possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking."

"Karen Leach is Marcus Leach's grandmother, according to police. Andrew Leach — Karen's son and Marcus' uncle — is accused of being the ringleader of the operation. He faces 20 charges including drugs and firearms-related offences."

Andrew Leach received a four year sentence for a fatal stabbing in Maple Ridge. In 2011 Kim Bolan reported that the fatal stabbing occurred when Andrew Leach got in a argument with someone on their way to a Hells Angels after hours club. Leach was originally charged with second-degree murder but later pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Global is reporting that the other accused in the recent Coquitlam case are: Merissa Demosten, 24; Arghavan Ebrahimi, 25; Golareh-Sadat Ehtesham-Far, 25; Morvarid Hashemi, 25; Zach Morgan Ronald Joyce, 25 and Mariah Kemp, 26 as well as a father and son from Langley. I am keenly interested in hearing who the father and son from Langley are.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Vancouver double homicide victims identified

Global is reporting that "Vancouver police have identified the couple killed in a Marpole home on Wednesday. Police said 65-year-old Dianna Mah-Jones and 68-year-old Richard Jones, a married Vancouver couple, were killed at the home near West 64th Avenue and Hudson Street."

CBC is reporting that the police say There is nothing so far to suggest this was anything but a random crime. Previously the Vancouver Province reported that a vehicle missing from the home was located. The police did not believe it was a murder-suicide.

Taking a knee for the Nation: Take heed of the Dream

Right now there is a lot of crazy things happening in the United States. The US media has become a bizarre set on reality television that has become so absurd it is difficult to watch. Consequently, most of us choose to watch something else. As always I like to shun extremes. Donald Trump has been rambling about the NFL football players who have started kneeling during the anthem protesting the direction much of the nation has gone in recently.

Personally, I don't see kneeling during the anthem as being disrespectful. Sitting when you are supposed to stand if you are able to stand would be disrespectful. Bowing your head, covering your heart or taking a knee during the anthem is not disrespectful. Trump needs to let it go. There are bigger concerns we need to worry about. Yet when the media claims Trumps objections to the protest are grounds for impeachment, it just shows how absurd the fake news has become.

When I first saw the football players take a knee it reminded me of Martin Luther King taking a knee saying a prayer before a protest march. Recently Martin Luther King's daughter Tweeted that people didn't like the way my father protested either.

When Stevie Wonder recently took a knee at a music festival in New York he actually took two knees and said a prayer for the nation. That was very respectful. With all the insanity that is happening south of the 49 right now saying a prayer for the nation can't hurt. Yet prayer shouldn't be political. Hillary Clinton was the author of Operation Fast and Furious. Tom Cruise's new movie American Made talks about Barry Seal's drug trafficking for the CIA out of Mena Arkansas which was tied to Bill Clinton and George Bush Senior both. Buyer Beware.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Pedestrian killed on Surrey side street

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "Surrey RCMP say a man struck by a vehicle Tuesday morning in Guildford has died from his injuries. The 28-year-old man was unconscious suffering head injuries when he was found lying in the street by a passerby near the 14300 block of 92nd Avenue at 7:20 a.m. The victim, whose name has not been released, later died in hospital."

“No one had witnessed what led to the man’s injuries and it wasn’t readily apparent what had transpired or how long he had been injured,” said Cpl. Scotty Schumann, Surrey RCMP media relations officer. The accident occurred on a quiet dead-end residential street. “That’s an area that does not have a lot of traffic, so it makes you wonder how someone could not see a person standing on the side of the road,” said Schumann. RCMP investigators located glass fragments and pieces of a vehicle suspected to have been involved.

Hit by a car on a dead end street early in the morning. It just doesn't make sense.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

VPD discover two bodies and a hatchet

Scan BC is reporting that "Neighbours reported a hatchet and blood trailing out of a house near 64 Ave & Hudson St. #Vancouver Police have located two bodies inside." Global is confirming the fatalities and the fact that a local resident didn't hear any gunfire thus the presence of an axe.

Pitbull sends his private plane to Puerto Rico - Update

The New York Daily News is reporting that "The American rapper known as Pitbull is sending his private plane to Puerto Rico so that cancer patients can receive treatment in the United States."

The Verge is reporting that "In the wake of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million American citizens remain almost entirely without electrical power — but it’s not because their power plants are blown. The problem is that roughly 80 percent of transmission lines, which take power from the plants to distribution centers, are down. Nearly all the local power lines that run to residences and businesses have likely also been destroyed."

NBC is reporting that "About 44 percent of the Puerto Rican population remains without drinking water, the Department of Defense said in a statement Wednesday." The Washington Post is reporting that "The Trump administration is rushing military hardware and personnel to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as it becomes increasingly clear that the U.S. government response to Hurricane Maria so far has been inadequate and overmatched by the scale of the disaster."

Puerto Rico's humanitarian crisis

Update: Beyonce remixes a J Balvin song for hurricane relief. Mi Gente means My People.

Dianne Watts' Liberal leadership bid receives mixed reviews

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Dianne Watts' Liberal leadership bid receives mixed reviews. Today they printed one letter for and one letter against. The letter against was rather amusing. Robert Brown wrote in and called Dianne Watts a chameleon for changing her political stripes back and forth so many times. He even referred to her as driftwood in the river of politics. Botox that. I guess that's not as bad as when Dianne Watts and Alex Tsakumis called Barinder Rasode a whore. Looks like Dianne Watts' new election theme song is Karma Chameleon.

Surrey School Board places roadblock to LRT insanity

Karma's a b*tch yo.